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Diving Courses

Freediving is about inward power, discipline and control. If you've always wanted to enter the underwater world quietly, on your own terms, staying as long as your breath allows, then freediving is for you. Taking the PADI Freediver course is your first step toward discovering why freediving is becoming a popular way to explore beneath the waves.

Certified Basic Freediver

This course is pool only certification $290

Please fill out and send back to me once complete. Once I have that and a $100 deposit I can send you the link to start your online theory. A medical questionnaire is to be filled out and doctors approval if needed. Once all is good to go then I will enter your details into the PADI system and you will be emailed a link to an On-line learning portal. There you will study and answer quizzes and exams in the "freediver" section. Once completed we then have a dry training session which will cover Relaxation, Breath up, During the Hold and Recovery Techniques. Followed by 2 pool sessions to put that into practice. We also cover safety diving in the pool. Skill requirements are 1:30 static Breath hold, 35m under water and all the Safety skills completed. Courses will run with a minimum of any 2 people .

Level 1 Certified PADI Freediver

Ocean and pool Certification $490

First you will complete the Dry and Pool requirements (Basic Freediver). Once we have 4 for the course we will head out in the boat to the Simpson reef. On a high tide this can be 18m and around 15 on a low. I will have a float in the water with a weighted line. Depth adjustable as we progress through the session. Safety skills from the pool and rescues from 6m. Minimum depth requirement is 12m. Courses will run with a minimum of any 3 people.


To enroll in a PADI Freediver course you must be at least 12 years old. You need adequate swimming skills and need to be in good physical health. No prior experience with snorkeling, skin diving or freediving is required.

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The PADI Freediver course consists of three main phases:

  • Knowledge development about freediving principles through independent study with PADI Freediver eLearning
  • Confined water session to learn breathhold techniques as well as static and dynamic apnea. Goal – static apnea of 90 seconds and dynamic apnea of 25 metres/80 feet.
  • Open water sessions to practice free immersion and constant weight Freediving, plus proper buddy procedures. Goal – constant weight freedive of 10 metres/30 feet.

Level 2 Advanced Freediver

Achieving a new freediving time or reaching a new depth is an incredible feeling. It satisfies that very personal desire to do your best and be proud of what you can accomplish. The PADI Advanced Freediver course is designed to fulfill that personal need to refine and improve your freediving skills, allowing you to progress slowly while learning how your body performs during apnea.


To enroll in a PADI Advanced Freediver course you must be at least 15 years old and have a PADI Freediver certification (or a qualifying certification from another freediver organization). You also need to have Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care (CPR and First Aid) training within the past 24 months.

The PADI Advanced Freediver course consists of three main phases:

  • Knowledge development about advanced freediving techniques and equipment. You’ll study independently using the PADI Freediver eLearning (or your instructor may conduct class sessions if not available in your language).
  • Confined water session to learn stretching and relaxation techniques as well as refine static and dynamic apnea. Goal – static apnea of 2 minutes, 30 seconds (2 minutes for freedivers younger than 18) and dynamic apnea of 50 metres/165 feet (40 metres/130 feet for freedivers younger than 18)
  • Open water sessions to practice deeper free immersion and constant weight Freedives, along with additional buddy procedures and rescue techniques. Goal – constant weight freedive of 20 meters/65 feet (15 metres/50 feet for freedivers younger than 18)
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Discover SCUBA Diving

Theory & Pool

The PADI Discover Scuba program is an exciting first experience of breathing underwater, a fantastic introduction to scuba diving.

The first program involves a small dive theory component as well as some diving in the pool. It is designed to allow individuals to experience scuba diving under direct instructor supervision in the comfort of the pool. This allows participants to experience scuba diving in a controlled environment, however it does not result in certification.


Pre-requisites: Minimum age 12 years Course Content: 1 Day One short theory session in the class room and one confined water pool session. The experience is run on a Saturday or Sunday in conjunction with our Open Water Course. For group bookings we can usually tailor the program to fit in with your time schedule. Your investment: $135

This includes use of all necessary equipment and lane hire. Keen to start?

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Theory, Pool & Ocean SCUBA Dive

Complete the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program and dive in both the pool and in the open water. It is an exciting program that allows you to dive, without having to do an entire course. Perfect if you are about to leave on a short getaway and have considered doing a dive course whilst you’re away, get rid of the nerves with our professional team and take your first breaths on Scuba! This program does not result in certification, however for certification details read about our PADI Open Water course.


Pre-requisites: Minimum age 12 years Investment: $185 which includes use of all necessary equipment.

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Course Content

One short theory session, one pool dive, and an open water (sea) dive. The program is run over two days – generally it will be joined with our scheduled PADI Open Water course with other options available. The first day covers the theory and pool component, with the following day being the ocean dive day! We can also tailor programs to meet individual needs. Add an extra dive for $45 Want to start? A $100 (inc. GST) deposit is required upon booking.

Re-activate/ SCUBA Tune Up Program

Haven’t been diving lately and want a quick scuba refresher? The PADI ReActivate program is designed to refresh and update already certified divers knowledge and skills after an extended period of diving inactivity. Whether you want a few reminders or need to go over the basics, ReActivate is personalised for you. Depending on numbers you can join in on already running Open Water course or if there are at least 2 of you we can organise a separate trip. You review scuba concepts on your tablet, mobile device or computer at home, then come to us to go diving with a PADI Professional. You can choose to do pool only, or add two ocean dives.


PADI Open Water or equivalent rating. Minimum age requirement is 15 years.. You will register for your ReActivate theory with PADI and pay them $69 (taxes may be applicable) $90 to us which includes your pool session with a PADI Professional and use of all SCUBA equipment. Add 2 ocean dives for an additional $140 (total paid to us for full program is $230). This includes pool session, and two ocean dives from the boat with all equipment provided on an already running Open Water course (numbers permitting) or if there is at least 2 people we can tailor a package for you.

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Course Content

Complete your theory at home using ReActivate Touch (for tablets or mobile devices) or ReActivate Online (for your personal computer). The theory is designed to test your understanding of important dive safety concepts, dive planning essentials and problem management. Move through ReActivate at your own pace and revise over all important dive topics. In the water, your PADI Professional will help you regain comfort and confidence in scuba diving. You’ll practice a few safety-related skills and then go over anything you specifically want to review. Program Timetable: You will complete theory at home before coming to us on Saturday morning at 11am. You will complete paperwork, a ReActivate review and be fitted out with any required equipment before heading to the pool for an afternoon in-water session which runs from around 12:30pm onwards. If you opt for the additional Open Water dives they will be conducted the following weekend, with 2 boat dives on Sunday.

PADI Open Water Course

Scuba diving will open the way for you to discover the underwater environment, see colourful fish, explore sunken wrecks and even capture your own seafood…..our ‘Open Water Diver’ course is easy, safe and fun. Here at Karma Dives, we teach you using the PADI system, which is the largest recreational scuba teaching organisation in the world. PADI is recognised in over 80 countries and teaches in excess of 75% of the world’s scuba divers. Learn to dive in Hervey Bay and upon completion of your course, you will be certified to dive to 18 metres, just about anywhere in the world. Should you have any questions about the course, or diving in general, please don’t hesitate to call one of our professional crew on 0433486258, or request a callback.


Minimum age 12 years. Prefer learning online? Registration fee paid to PADI & the balance to Karma Dives.

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Course Content

The PADI Open Water Course consists of self-study which you are required to complete the 5 knowledge reviews, 3 classroom theory sessions, 5 pool dives over 2 sessions and 4 open water (sea) dives. Open water dives are a combination of shore and boat dives. We have a wide choice of dives sites which will be chosen on conditions with the boat departing from Sandy Straits Marina.

The Standard Course is conducted over one evening and two consecutive weekends (weather permitting).

Thursday – 6.00pm-8.30pm
Saturday – 9.00am-1pm classroom, pool 1pm-6pm
Sunday – 9.00am-1pm classroom then pool 1pm-6pm
Following weekend we dive Saturday and Sunday which normally takes most of the day. Due to changes in tides and weather, dive sites and times may vary from course to course.

Investment: $550

Can’t commit to our scheduled courses? We have a personal training option designed to accommodate your needs – from $1195.00

This course is also available during the week with a minimum of 2 people per course.

What do I need:

  • You need to complete a PADI dive medical statement upon signing up for the course. If any questions are answered with a ‘yes’ you will be required to have a full dive medical.

Although a diving medical will not be required, it is nevertheless strongly recommended. Further, a diving medical may uncover conditions you may not be aware of, for example ear, nose and throat , or lung function issues, which could expose you to the risk of serious injury or death while diving. Australian Standard AS 4005.1 and SPUMS (South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society) both highly recommend a diving medical be completed.

You can contact me for a list of Diving doctors

What’s included?

  • The use of all SCUBA gear, a quality suit, weight system & fins.
  • PADI Certification and Registration
  • Open Water Student Kit – yours to keep! Includes Open Water Manual, RDP dive table and book, log book and the use of a DVD during the course
  • All air fills
  • Shore dives – a minimum of 2
  • Boat Dives – minimum of 2, if you need more these are available at an additional cost of $70 per dive.
  • Knowledge development and equipment sessions.
  • Pool dives – minimum of two (practice makes perfect) NO EXTRA CHARGE if more required!
  • Continuous training if needed at beginner level (no extra charge for up to six months of training).
  • PADI ‘Open Water’ Certification Card – on successful completion.

Want to start?

Simply email us or call 0433486258

Deposit: $160 to secure your place and receive the workbook, with the remaining  required before start of course.

Advanced Open Water

The PADI Advanced Open Water course is designed to build on the knowledge and skills acquired in the Open Water course. It allows you to explore special diving interests and gain experience through 5 different Adventure dives, under the control and guidance of a PADI Instructor. You will complete a Deep dive which qualifies you to dive to 30m upon successful completion on the Advanced Open Water course, a Navigation dive and 3 other specialty dives.


Hold a PADI Open Water certificate or similar.

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Course Content

You are required to complete the required reading, and fill out the knowledge reviews and quick quiz for each of the 5 specialty dives prior to the theory evening. Individual items you need for the course:

  • Cutting device
  • SMB & Spool OR Safety Sausage
  • Slate and pencil (can use Data carrier included with manual)
  • Compass.
  • Whistle (included if using our hire BCD)
  • Torch and Cyalume stick (if doing a Night Dive)
  • Log Book
  • 1 Passport style photograph

Packages available on request. 

Thursday – 6pm-9pm – Theory at the shop.
Saturday – All Day – 3 Shore Dives
Sunday – All Day – 2 Boat Dives

Investment: $575

This includes you PADI Advanced Open Water manual.
Academic portion (theory evening), 5 dives, shore based and boat dives, most SCUBA equipment (excluding mask, snorkel, boots and fins).

You will receive your PADI Advanced Open Water manual and you are required to complete the required reading, and fill out the knowledge reviews and quick quiz prior to the theory evening.

Want to start ? A $150.00 deposit is require

Rescue Diver

Rescue training expands your knowledge of diving, increases your level of diving skill, and makes you more aware of what is happening around you in the diving environment. Rescue Diver certification is also an important prerequisite for the PADI Divemaster rating, and the distinguished PADI Master SCUBA Diver certification. Most importantly, rescue training can help you save lives and increase diving safety by preparing you to respond properly to diving emergencies and near-emergencies. Develop your rescue techniques and first aid skills so that you can become a first class buddy whenever and wherever you dive.


At least 15 years of age, certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent. You must have a current (within two years) certificate in CPR & First Aid. The Emergency First Response Course will teach you these required skills and earn you the necessary qualification. Complete an ‘Emergency Assistance Plan’ for the local area. Requirements: Complete SCUBA unit including alternate air source, SPG, computer and compass Mask, fins, snorkel, boots, gloves Wetsuit/drysuit Dive knife Log book 1 passport style photograph.

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Course Content

Two evenings (6pm-9.30pm) of academic sessions, or complete this on line with elearning.

A full weekend of open water work.

Investment: $425

This includes the PADI Rescue Diver Manual, Accident Management Work slate, use of tank and weights.

Want to start? A $150 AUD deposit is required and you will be given the PADI Rescue Diver Manual. Or complete the theory on-line here.

Specialty Diver

Specialty Diver courses are available for you to learn new skills and find out more about specific types of diving. Course content varies depending on the Specialty that you choose. Specialty courses currently on offer include:

If you would like any information on any of the specialty courses please feel free to contact us.

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Divemaster training is the first leadership level in the PADI progression. The importance of a PADI Divemaster cannot be overstated. The Divemaster rating denotes an individual who has; a high level of personal diving skills; has Instructor level knowledge of diving theory; has had significant training in how to assist an instructor during training activities; and is able to assume a role of responsibility for the welfare of other divers in their charge.


PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent rating PADI Rescue Diver or equivalent rating. Submit proof of CPR and first-aid training within the past 2 years. 18 years of age or older. In good physical condition for diving and submit an approved Medical exam form for a diving medical examination, conducted within the past year. The form is to be signed by a licensed physician, and is to state that the candidate is fit for diving. Have a minimum of 40 logged dives to start (60 for certification).

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Cost: $1295

Which includes all training and tuition plus:- air fills for pool dives and open water training.  PADI Divemaster Manual, PADI Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving, The eRDPml, PADI Divemaster Slates, PADI Diving Knowledge Workbook & PADI Instructor Manual.


  • Equipment is to be State of the Art and in good working order
  • Complete SCUBA equipment including alternate air source, SPG & computer
  • Buoyancy Control Device
  • Mask, snorkel, boots and fins.
  • 2 cylinders.
  • Wetsuit / Drysuit, gloves
  • Weight system and weights
  • Compass
  • Cutting device
  • Whistle
  • Slate & pencil
  • Pocket mask
  • SMB & spool OR safety sausage
  • Log book
  • 1 passport style photograph

Course Content:

Divemaster training consists of three phases that include;

Watermanship & skills assessment

  • Watermanship and stamina
  • General diving skills
  • Problem solving assessment
  • Diver rescue skills assessment

Knowledge development

  • Candidates are required to attain a high level of knowledge in diving theory, and are required to pass the Divemaster exams.
  • Candidates must prepare an Emergency Assistance Plan for diving emergencies in the local area.


  • Candidates are required to work with our Instructors and serve as an Instructional Assistant for  pool dives, open water dives & on Continuing Education Courses, as well as leading Certified Divers.
  • Candidates must prepare a map of the shoreline and underwater terrain of a local open water training site, selected by the Instructor.

Certification All phases of training must be completed before certification can be approved by PADI. Upon certification as a PADI Divemaster, you become a member of PADI, and are eligible for the benefits that membership provides. Divemaster status has to be renewed each year by submitting a renewal application and forwarding annual dues.

Please note Membership fees to PADI are not included in the cost of the course.

Want to start?

$350 deposit is required to start registration procedures. You will then be given your course materials.

If you would like any information on any of the specialty courses please feel free to contact us